COMSTRAT 562: Creative Media Strategies & Techniques

The Changing World of Marketing

This was an excellent class for exploring the changing world of marketing strategies. It also offered the flexibility to apply those strategies across a wide field of interests. I tried out some new ideas and tested some assumptions, brought hazy dreams to a bit more clarity, and learned some new skills.

Our primary text was David Meerman Scott’s 4th edition of The New Rules of Marketing & PR . Scott’s work is a terrific resource for increasing organizational visibility. I took great delight in his introduction  where he talked about empowering people to find their own voices and tell their own stories online with an emphasis on building relationships through meaningful content and interaction.

The power of telling a compelling story, offering answers to problems, and sharing new information with a bit of entertainment along the way are the tentative bites that lead to nibbles that grow into full customer engagement with a product, service or platform. Marketing is about sparking interest, telling a story, finding common ground and building a base of support. With several class assignments, I was able to experiment with new tools and approaches to issues that are dear to my heart, such as authentically involving parents in designing programs and policies related to the services and products they pay with their taxes.

parent voicesCitizen Engagement and Social Justice Part personal soapbox and part professional experience, I feel strongly about doing more than just giving lip service to those voices that matter most in children’s lives: their parents and primary caregivers.

Students were asked to prepare a proposal for a specific audience; I focused on developing a call to action to state agency leadership.

I also created an event newsroom using Wix. A handy tool, and much easier to use than I  expected, it did have one drawback: the free option doesn’t allow the user to embed the event site into other applications. For organizations operating on a shoestring budget, that’s a concern. For this assignment, I chose POWER (Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights). mlk day 2016 for portfolioPOWER is a non-profit organization that takes on a decidedly unpopular subject in mainstream America by advocating for a strong social safety net. Poverty is a complex topic and not easily untangled from people’s judgments and prejudices.  Finding common ground is a challenge. Advocacy events with shared goals are one  way of doing just that. To view this project:


What’s Up With Sports? I confess, I’m not much of an organized sports fan. I do love to bike, hike, take long walks and dance classes — but I don’t watch sports. However, it seemed like a good idea to take a closer look at this area of marketing. Knowing next to nothing about organized sports, I hoped to find a team with social justice ties. I put out a call for pointers to my Facebook friends. I discovered there were quite a few interesting organized teams with a social justice bent and eventually landed on a women’s roller hockey league for my assignment.

DSCN0215 (2)

Watershed Celebration.  Involving businesses, organizations and people with different social, economic and political affiliations in community advocacy requires finding common ground. Internet marketing activities augment traditional methods, and help help better unite folks in a common cause.  Learn more here: Nisqually Watershed Marketing Campaign.

Putting It All Together In An Awareness Campaign

Effective marketing campaigns should be:

–based on research and content that matters,

–solutions to problems, and

–offer new information and opportunities for the audience engagement.

Nowhere is that more true than in awareness campaigns on issues that profoundly impact health and  safety.

final project html email jpeg


My final awareness campaign focused on supporting healthy relationships as a way of preventing domestic violence. This is a subtle shift that has occurred in the domestic violence prevention field over the last several years – to focus on what survivors need and want, recognizing  them as the expert in their own lives, helping them identify what they want in a healthy relationship, and supporting them in moving toward those goals.

This strengths-based approach shifts the “helper” from viewing the survivor as needy and incapable. The goal is to help the survivor expand her options and support her choices as opposed to telling her what to do, when and how to leave, and withholding help when she is seen as non-compliant. My awareness campaign was designed to help persuade the audience that a strengths-based approach is far more effective.

To view the final project: This is Love — COM 562 Awareness Campaign


Please click here to review this work.


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