About Shannon Blood

Nathan - Army Basic training graduation, 2015

Nathan – Army Basic training graduation, 2015

A Pacific Northwest native and proud mom, Shannon works for the Washington State Health Care Authority and earned her Master of Arts degree in Strategic Communications at Washington State University.  Developing a professional, online portfolio was a required component of the master’s degree. Key projects, lessons learned, and critical assignments related to the degree are showcased in this portfolio. Shannon also highlighted key, professional work samples and experiences.

Shannon has worked in the public sector since 1998 with a focus on strengths-based community development. She entered state service from the private non-profit world, and has also worked for the Department of Early Learning in early childhood education and the Department of Commerce in crime victim advocacy. During her career, Shannon has noticed that the most effective and well-received programs and policies involve communities in their development early on and continuously.

When Shannon is not working or studying, she hikes, bikes, jazzercises, and does yoga. She also carves out time for photography and creative writing challenges, featured on Tidbits by Shannon.

In 2014, Shannon traveled to the United Kingdoms. She spent time (not nearly enough!) exploring Ireland and Scotland, and hiking Hadrian’s Wall. She is still sorting and sifting over 1000 photosof that memorable experience — and hopes to return, soon!



  1. Shannon, thank you for your generous comments about my poetry, and for. Listing my site. I’d been running around for the past couple of weeks, and hadn’t done as much by way reading other blogs as I did during last year’s NaPoWriMo, I’m glad I visited yours. From what I’ve read, you are a fascinating and multi-faceted person, someone I’d be delighted to know in person.


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