The Roller Rink of Advertising

skatesI’ve never been much of a team sports fan, so this project challenged me to tackle it seriously. After all — we can’t always focus on only those things that interest us. After musing on well-known sports teams, I decided I wanted a team with a strong social justice bent or that did “really cool things” in the world. So, where does a savvy girl go for help parsing that puzzle? Facebook, of course. My friends had some groovy ideas:

The Oly Rollers a women’s flat track roller derby league in Olympia WA

Special Olympics Unified Sports teams promoting social inclusion for people with disabilities

Boise Bombers competitive quad rugby team in Boise, ID

Ascend Afghanistan an all-female, all-Afghan team climbing Afghanistan’s highest mountain

Stars of David co-ed Jewish softball team in Olympia WA

What a tough decision! Each team had compelling human interest and certainly a tie to social justice. And while I certainly resonated with the Boise Bomber’s choice of music on the website, have always wanted to summit a pinnacle in the clouds, have fond memories of church league softball (until I killed my knee) and treasure my school experiences volunteering with the Special Olympics, I went with the Oly Rollers. Their support of a young girl’s desire to make a difference raising money for Relay for Life in loving support of her friend grabbed me, but there are many other things to recommend the team, as well:

Sports team name The Oly Rollers
Type of sport Women’s flat track roller derby league
Background and historyHow long they have been in existence, value and relevance to the community Established in 2006, the Oly Rollers are a skater-owned and operated 501(c)3. Team members range in age from 14 – 50 and are students, teachers, mothers, soldiers, engineers, fire fighters — in a nutshell, energetic women who not only devote time to the “betterment of the league” and “promotion of the sport” but also give actively back to the community.
Mascot:What is the name of their mascot? What does it represent? (animal, warrior, etc.) The team doesn’t have a mascot, per se — however, they have a favorite cause, inspired by one team member’s 11-year-old daughter. The cause is Race for the Cure. This young girl has a classmate battling cancer and wanted to help. She was too young to participate in the race — so the Oly Rollers stepped in to help raise funds.
Relevance:What makes this sports team special and unique? Why would fans want to go to their games? The Oly Rollers actively work as a team within the sport and in the wider community to “grow as a stable organization of inspiring, self-confident athletes and positive female role models.” They also have a reputation for “providing quality, eye-catching, high adrenaline entertainment” that captivates audiences. They took the WFTDA national championship title in 2009, and have placed at least second in subsequent years. They truly provide positive and strong role models for cross-generations of women and girls.
Website url
Facebook url

The first part of the assignment was to outline (using the Prof’s template) all the details about the sports group. I have to say (again) that I appreciate Professor Risenmay’s approach to prep work. It’s familiar and helpful. The next part was to develop an advertising message across different mediums: a 5×7″ print ad for a newspaper or other publication, a Google Adwords ad, and a Facebook Ad.

Since my advertising creation experience is a bit limited, I dug a wee bit on the internet to make sure I had some “rules of thumb” to follow. I found How to Write a Good Ad for the Newspaper with some quick guideposts to consider. Ads should include:

  • Bold, well-worded, attention-grabbing headline
  • Easy-to-read and clear font
  • 2-3 sentences explaining the good or service
  • Clear language — avoid jargon
  • A relevant picture (or two)
  • Contact information

With those ideas in mind, I did a quick, fast design using a Microsoft Word to create the 5″x7″ ad, plugging for the Oly Rollers upcoming fundraiser to support their participation in the national bouts:

draft advertising for 5x7" news print

draft advertising for 5×7″ news print

Google Adwords was another portion, for which I came up with this:





and creating a simple Facebook advertisement:

fb oly rollers








I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry for pancakes right about now . . .


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