Adobe Audition is Fun!

Voila, the first tutorials for COM561, including “out of order” counting and the edited “in order” counting; an original unedited set of story tracks (warning — it’s a mash-up of three different unedited tracks all playing at once) and the final 45 second edited story fragment.  I really struggled with cutting the edited version down to 45 seconds or less! I had several minutes of draft tracks to play with and try to cobble together a coherent story, as well as having the beginnings of footage for the next assignment in audio storytelling. I’m an inveterate NPR listener and love the audio storytelling features, especially the weekend special editions. Getting the chance to learn some of the techniques and skills that go into an application that I enjoy has been exciting.

Playing with some of the features on the Adobe Audition (AA) package reminded me of my first experience in a recording studio, but happily without the q-tips and rubbing alcohol needed for prepping the analog equipment I was introduced to in the late 1980s. But, happily, the AA screen set-up had enough of a familiar feel that I didn’t feel entirely discombobulated by learning to navigate the software. Probably my only real hitch simply was needing to purchase a little handheld recorder that could download onto my desktop where the trial version of AA resided. Given that a handheld recorder has been on my wishlist for quite some time, and I neither have (nor want) a “smart phone” that seemed like a reasonable purchase to me, especially as it was on sale at Best Buy.

I’m looking forward to pulling together my audio story, and have been happily sorting and sifting ideas for several days now.  Anyway — a direct link to the SoundCloud URL — just in case the link above doesn’t actually play for you). Cheers!


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