Those A-Ha Moments — Round 2

 background learning

What an interesting process. I like Adobe Illustrator (Ai) much better than Adobe Photoshop. I think an Ai class  starting with the bare bones of how to take pencil and paper sketches to a completed Ai project would be most helpful, though! There are so many tools and options with Ai — and just not enough hours in the day! My first draft received thoughtful and helpful feedback from classmates as well as folks outside of class. It was interesting to see how certain considerations showed up with each person, and what things were unique to their perception.

Logo Purpose: Overall, I received feedback that the first draft succeeded in grabbing the eye, so the concept itself was a successful one. Across the board, folks found that the logo was inviting and it sparked their curiosity. For the overall semester project, my end goal is to validate parents’ internal wisdom and autonomy. Parents are inundated with value-laden opinions and suggestions by government, media, advertising, and well-meaning adults in their community. This makes an overwhelming noise that can undermine a parent’s self-efficacy. So, I wanted the logo to open the door to safe exploration and sharing of earned wisdom.

Logo Design: It was suggested that since the cloud shape also functioned as a thought bubble, I try my hand at creating a “thought bubble” in Ai. My biggest barrier was in removing the overlapping lines as I created and placed circles. I knew I needed to outline the final shape, as well, to ensure it would not be lost in the background. Turning to Google, I looked through tutorials until I found what I needed — the Pathfinder tool.  This tool allowed me to tie to together (or unify in Ai parlance) the several ovals, and then outline the outer edge into one shape, making the thought bubble-cloud effect more prominent, and helping to tie together the overall logo theme into a cohesive whole. It kept the optimistic, upbeat sensibility while making it clear that those a-ha moments of wisdom come from the individual person.

Based on feedback about the tagline “wisdom worth sharing” I changed the font type and then tried positioning it above the “a-ha!” The tagline above the “a-ha” didn’t appeal to me, although I liked how the two different fonts worked together. I moved the logo back down below the a-ha. From other comments, I knew there was some issue with the complementary color scheme of yellow/purple in the text. Some folks were seeing a resulting lime-green color. I took a look at the logo on various screens and using different browsers to see if it was the color scheme itself, or an effect of different screens. I went back to the logo to play with different shades of yellow, and then got a bit more savvy, and removed the pale purple from the thought bubble, choosing to rely on a strong purple outline to avoid a “wash-out” effect.

The last piece to do was to somehow get rid of the white box background. Enter in the inevitable heartburn . . . this took numerous failed attempts before finding a quick tutorial that did the trick. It didn’t really look like it had worked, until I previewed it on my blog and Voila! a final logo. (Until the next round of revisions.)


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