Final Narrative Graphic Collage

Final Parent Collage Project

This final version offers a more hopeful look at the internal journey of parenting. I think my original notion of telling a collage story about the rewarding and challenging journey of parenting within our odd, confusing environment will perhaps need to be approached in a different fashion.  The external complexity surrounding parenting, and the resolution of those inner and outer forces are important stories in the parenting journey. As I said in the earlier post, we live in a society that values self-sufficiency and autonomy. On the other hand, we live in a society that rarely passes up a chance to share an opinion, or make a buck. We are drowning in theories, tools, and opinions on how to best raise a child. How do parents navigate the changing tides? How do they trust their inner being when the outer world says not to? I want to both honor a parent’s  autonomy and respect the communities that support parents in this critical work.

In considering the final revision and the gestalt theory we studied, I can see where the revision is moving closer to addressing the components. The flow of the pictures and words does a better job in creating a continuous sense of movement from left to right-hand top corner. The proximity of the pictures seems appropriate to helping the brain see the collage as a whole. Repetitious use of elliptical shapes, ocean themed pictures, and similar color schemes leave a visual sense of belonging together. The text is a bold black, uses the same font, with slightly different emphasis on one set of words in font size, which helpfully makes the point that the collage is about the journey. I’m not sure that there is any portion of the collage that deals with a sense of closure. I think it needs more work when it comes to figure and ground principles, frankly.

While the subject matter of addressing the external complexity surrounding parents, and the ways in which they resolve those tensions is fascinating to me, the application of new technology (to me) has proven extremely challenging. APS leaves a lot to be desired (in my mind) in terms of user-friendliness. On the other hand, I fell in love with Pagemaker in the mid-90s, so maybe I’m just prejudiced. I do wonder if getting an older version of APS to start with might help the learning process, be a bit simpler, perhaps? Or maybe it’s just a matter of time and experience. Time will tell.

Entering into the revision process, I had high hopes that this would be a wee bit simpler, or at least more comfortable. Alas, my hopes were dashed. At least in terms of my Adobe Photoshop user skills. I tried to capture some of the process in the table below:

Snapshot in time of the revision process.

Snapshot in time of the revision process.























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